Luke Stringer

Luke Stringer

Hi. I’m Luke, a software developer and team leader from Sheffield, UK.

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University Of Sheffield: Two Approaches to Semantic Text Similarity

This paper describes the University of Sheffield’s submission to SemEval-2012 Task 6: Semantic Text Similarity. Two approaches were developed. The first is an unsupervised technique based on the widely used vector space model and information from WordNet. The second method relies on supervised machine learning and represents each sentence as a set of n-grams. This approach also makes use of information from WordNet. Results from the formal evaluation show that both approaches are useful for determining the similarity in meaning between pairs of sentences with the best performance being obtained by the supervised approach. Incorporating information from WordNet also improves performance for both approaches.

Bird Sightings Journal iPhone App (Undergraduate Dissertation)

Bird watching has long been a passion of millions of people around Great Britain. The traditional combination of bird reference book, notebook and pencil are a tried and tested method of gathering accurate bird sighting information. With the invention of mobile computer technology, specifically in the field of smartphones, the opportunity for bringing bird watching into the modern age has never been greater. The project aims to bridge the analogue and digital mediums by conceptualising, designing, implementing and then evaluating a mobile software product for identifying and logging bird sightings. The software product should have good usability metrics by following respected usability engineering practises, and also provide a excellent bird information repository comparable to that of a conventional bird reference book.


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